Rotary Is a Worldwide Organization
International Service exemplifies our global reach in promoting peace and understanding. We support this service avenue by sponsoring or volunteering on international projects, seeking partners abroad, and more.
The Rotary Club of Aspen leverages the proceeds from its annual Ducky Derby Festival fundraiser through both its District 5740 and Rotary International Foundation Global grant projects. Most of the global grant projects our Club supports are in Central America and Africa. We had a big push training community health workers in Africa to fight Malaria. Approximately $65,000 has been distributed over the last 3 years.
Six Key Areas
Global grant projects must meet Rotary’s efforts in six key areas to maximize impact and address the world’s most critical and widespread humanitarian needs. Those key areas are as follows:
  • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
  • Disease prevention and treatment (most notably Polio Plus)
  • Water and sanitation
  • Maternal and child health
  • Basic education and literacy
  • Economic and community development
Our Most Consistent Project
One of our Club’s most consistent donations over the years has been to the Guatemala Literacy Project, which provides textbooks and scholarships to students in Guatemala and affords Rotary members the opportunity to visit and serve by celebrating the distribution of textbooks, sports equipment and computer equipment to rural schools. Many Aspen Rotarians have enjoyed the trips to Guatemala to learn more about this project. 
Aspen Rotary Club is currently sponsoring a global grant to train healthcare promoters in Western Kenya and Zambia. Several members of the club have visited these regions and have provided substantial information about malaria back to the Club. This effort is one of the disease-focused projects supported by Rotary International, Bill and Melinda Gates, and World Vision matching funds.  Those funds have supported water and sanitation projects, classrooms, women’s banks, wheelchairs, text books, medical facilities, solar panels and generators, libraries, sewing machines, school needs, computer centers and more! Proceeds for the Ducky Derby Festival fundraiser are leveraged through regional funds and the Rotary International Foundation.
5 Avenues of Service
We channel our commitment to service at home and abroad through five Avenues of Service, which are the foundation of club activity.