Volume IV, Issue 17 April 26, 2018 Editor: Nathalie Crick
Why it matters to be compassionate to ourselves
Thursday, April 26, 2018
Speaker: Christina King is a licensed professional counselor specialized in cognitive behavioral therapy and leadership coaching and consultation for businesses and individuals.  Christina is also the founder of Aspen Strong and co-founder of the Changing Brains, Changing Lives Symposium.
Self-compassion is the most vital component of personal resilience. The more self-compassionate veterans are, the less severe their PTSD. Here is an article from The New York Times on the very topic. Empathy is the most powerful tool of compassion. It allows us to respond to others in a meaningful way. Empathy fuels connection but sympathy drives disconnection. Guilt is "I am sorry I made a mistake," shame is "Sorry, I am the mistake." Shame resilience is a trait of leaders! Brenee Brown has spent the past sixteen years studying courage, vulnerability, empathy, and shame. She stresses how compassionate people have boundaries: nothing is sustainable without boundaries. Would you like to know how self-compassionate you are? Take the quiz!
Guests: Thomas Miller (Todd Shaver) and prospective members Rally Dupps and Henning Rahm.
Grants Committee
John Moore reported the committee received a ton of thank-yous from non-profits like the Raise-A-Reader foundation.
In the last two weeks, Scott Russell gave out the scholarships to Aspen and Basalt High School students.
Sponsorships have reached the midway point of $44,500. Michael Connolly is still in jail...
Susan Gomes requested that if we contacted sponsors last year, we contact them again this year ASAP. 
Upcoming Speakers
May: A Checkup From the Head Up!
May 3: Michelle Muething, Aspen Hope Center
May 10: Emily Supino, Aspen Strong 
May 17:   Lindsay May, Mind Springs Health
May 24: Jess Ewert, Lead With Love
May 31: Heather Russell, Bike to Health
Member News
Happy Bucks for Youth Zone
Steven Seyffert just got back from a vacation in Moab.
John Moore was thankful for clear blue skies. He has travelled to China where the pollution was 3 times higher than the UN standard. Yuck.
Charles Cunniffe brought to our attention that the fundraiser for River Bridge is this Saturday at 6:00 at the Thompson Barn at River Valley Ranch.
Ruth Kruger is happy to be home.
Scott Russell and Sam Johnston were happy they attended the District Conference in Pueblo. 
Robert Porter reported on a good job dog-sitting his grand-dog in Chicago!
Russell Hampton
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