Volume IV, Issue 6   February 8, 2018  Editor: Dan Johns
One of Our Own Goes Wild!
Thursday, February 8, 2018
Speaker: Sam Johnston
Sam recently took a trip to Tanzania and climbed Mount Kilaminjaro with eight friends. They speak 120 different languages there, 55 million people live there, and life expectancy is but 45 years. Largely Christian and Muslim, mostly agriculture, mining based economy with a third of the people living below the poverty level of about $1 per day (!!).
So they climbed Mt. K., starting at 7700 feet and topping out at 19,341 feet. A 43 mile trek, they would never let Sam and her friends go fast enough to suit her. They started in the jungle and ended up in near Arctic conditions. Fighting a sinus infection, fog, snow and a snail's pace, she experienced many highs and lows. Then on to a safari, seeing Lions, Cape Buffalo,  Elephants, Black Rhinos, and Leopards, among many others.
Guests: Rally and Celia Dupes ( Guests of Mike Kosdrosky)
Wild AND Scenic!
Wild & Scenic Film Festival 2018: March 15, 7:00 PM.  Our Rotary Club is helping to sponsor this event which will benefit ACES' "Tomorrow's Voices" program. RSVP to if you are interested in attending or supporting our event table. Limited tickets are available. This event will serve as our "evening Rotary social event" for the first quarter of 2018. Please attend.
Wild & Scenic is a film festival fundraiser put on by ACES and Snowmass Patagonia to raise money for ACES' Tomorrow's Voices Program, a non-partisan, high school program dedicated to cultivating responsible citizenship and ethical leadership in the youth of the Roaring Fork Valley by fostering the skills and knowledge necessary to discover their own voices. 
This event has sold out every year​​! We will be screening 13 films, have a cash bar, and will be doing a "Gear Giveaway" at the event. The Rotary Club of Aspen will have a table promoting our work... if anyone is interested in attending please RSVP to Christina. 
Additional tickets for the event are on sale at this link.
Rotary Board Retreat: Feb. 22 at 1:00 at the Mountain Chalet. "Who are we and where are we going?" moderated by Peter Waanders.
Shining Stars BBQ: March 4. Please mark your calendar and plan on bringing a salad or a desert. Thank you Susan Gomes for organizing this Rotary service project - again!
Upcoming Speakers
February 15: Aspen Aerospace
March 8: Ronald Schiller, Founding Partner, Aspen Leadership Group.
Member News
Happy Bucks Gone Wild 
(benefitting the Homeless Shelter this month)
Phil S: happy to win the raffle
Maurice E: happy about son Jackson's new album; "Jukebox"
Christina K: happy about the Eagles
Shaun H: happy about a former player in the Olympics!
Jeanette D: happy for the ongoing success of the newsletter, the newsletter editors, skiing and going to Mexico,
Kathy K: happy for the Olympics and that six athletes from our valley will compete
Jason T: happy to announce the birth of his new baby girl and happy to get four and a half hours sleep
Sam J: happy to have a new puppy
Justin B: happy for his son's hockey tournament and for Shaun's leadership in all things junior hockey
Roger N: happy that Sam stepped up to be speaker this week
Craig M: happy for the homeless shelter and for some snow
Dan J: happy to live here, family, job, Rotary and a new bike
2018 Ducky Derby
The Board held its monthly meeting on Friday, February 9. It was a long and productive meeting. Here are some highlights:
  • Susan Gomes will once again serve as our administrator, and relentless motivator for the 2018 Ducky Derby. She will be assisting Head Duck, Mike Connolly.
  • Jason Taets, Craig Melville and others have worked hard to finalize the books for the 2017 Ducky Derby. Our net surplus is $102,000. This "profit" will be divided among Scholarships (30%), Community Grants (30%), International Service (30%), and our club's operational expenses (10%).
  • Steve Wickes announced that ten Rotarians have advanced to the next level of Paul Harris Recognition with new contributions to the The Rotary Foundation. Our club's goal is twenty advancing Rotarians by June 30, 2018.
Committee News
Membership Committee is Busy
The Membership Committee has been meeting monthly, streamlining our process for new members and identifying business and professional sectors which are under-represented in our club. Chair Deborah Breen gave a full report at the Board meeting.
  • Resignations: Tom Bracewell and Dan Furth
  • Leaves of Absence: Sigrid Aufterbeck-Benton and Mike Hoffman
  • New Members: Nathalie Crick
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