August 2, 2022
Editor: Samantha Johnston -
The Ducks are Parachuted
Thank you to Lorraine and her capable helpers (that's all of you) for successfully getting 250ish ducks dressed in parachutes Monday evening. The ducks are officially ready for their grand adventure on Saturday, Aug. 13. We're only two weeks away from The Flight of the Ducks and it's not time to take your foot off the gas pedal; it's time to mash the gas. We still need silent auction donations and mall shifts to be covered. And we're never going to turn away new donations, so if you've got some of those, let Lorraine know.
And, as Heather reminded all of us, Jon Kelly always says that "If it's not your wedding or a funeral, we'll see you at Ducky Derby."
The best Sergeant-at-Arms anywhere on the planet proudly displayed (at your newsletter editor's insistence) the duck-in-a-parachute-apparatus. Thanks, Heather Kendrick.
Questions. Concerns. Ideas. Willing to Assist? Contact Lorraine at:
Upcoming Speakers
Shannon Foster — Pitkin County Library 
Makerspace and Young Adult Librarian
We will learn about banned and challenged materials and books. Shannon will touch on the current controversies, laws, and what the Pitkin County Library is doing to make sure our community is engaged in the dialogue surrounding these issues. This will be an interactive discussion.
Shannon Foster is the Makerspace and Young Adult Librarian where she has worked for the past eight years. She obtained her BFA degree at the University of Denver in 1999 and earned an MLIS in 2019 from Kent State University. She is actively involved with the Intellectual Freedom Committee of Colorado.
Shannon has lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for twenty years. She has volunteered with several non-profits including Habitat for Humanity, The Colorado Black Arts Festival, Susan G. Komen and Challenge Aspen.
For those of you who are scratching your heads trying to figure out what my typo "Makerspace" means, it's not a typo. Maybe I'm the dummy around here, but I had to look it up. According to the Pitkin County Library website, "a makerspace is an intellectual space that fosters the ideals of creativity and collaboration."
To read more about The Library Lab, which is a makerspace, click here:
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 861 0705 3060
Passcode: rotary
Have a speaker idea? Know an incredible speaker?  Contact Speaker Committee Chair Cindy Hirschfeld at
Sam Kevan - District Governor
Rotary District 5470
Photo: Nancy Mayer
President Steve Seyffert, District Governor Sam Kevan and his wife, Lana Kevan.
People of Action Summits
The People of Action Summits™ are powered by Rotary Zones 26 and 27. This region is made up of thousands of Rotary members across the Western US, as well as part of British Columbia, Canada. The People of Action Summits will provide an in-person and virtual opportunity for Rotary members to join forces with communities and industry experts to tackle some of the biggest challenges we face.
Summits this year address food insecurity, green transportation and clean energy, water, healthy soils and human trafficking. To register for a summit, live or in-person, visit here:
Woohoomanity Challenge — September 24, 2022
The Woohoomanity Challenge is a fundraising platform and fun event available for free to all Rotary clubs to help fund their service projects. It's cost-effective and Rotary clubs keep 95% of the money raised.
This year's honorary chairs are John and Marga Hewko. John is the general secretary and CEO of Rotary and Marga is past president of the Chicago 1 Rotary Club. Marga is from Argentina and John is founding member f the Kyiv club.
For more information on how to participate:
Eradicate Polio — We've Had a Small Backslide
In 1985, Rotary International made a promise to the world that we would eradicate polio. In partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Health Organization and UNICEF, polio cases have dropped from 350,000 cases worldwide to only six in 2021. In 2022, we have seen an increase in cases with 11 wild cases. It will take three years of zero cases and three years of the absence of the virus in sampling to declare the world polio-free.
Support the Rotary Foundation
Rotary International has had a 4-star rating by Charity Navigator for 14 consecutive years. The Reader's Digest version of what that means: your money is in good hands. Want to learn more:
Rotary International allocates donations toward their core mission: promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water and sanitation, saving mothers and children, growing local economies and protecting the environment. 
Did you know? Only 33% of Rotarians supported the Rotary Foundation in 2022. The goal remains Every Rotarian, Every Year. Have you made your donation? Need help? Contact RI Foundation Chair Derek Torinus at
Expanding Our Reach
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: In order to do more, we need to grow more. District 5470 lost about 41 members in 2021-2022. We are starting with 1,941 members as of July 1. The "power of all" is recruiting members of underserved communities, women, young members, members of color, members with disabilities, etc. RI and our district will make a push for this in 2022-2023 and we will make this a priority in our membership engagement committee.
"Research shows in the business world that teams that have greater gender, racial and ethnic diversity perform better and are more profitable," Kevan said. 
Rotary International has a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. To learn more:
Satellite & Free-Standing Clubs: One Rotary club that meets at the same time every week naturally excludes segments of the population who cannot meet at a specific time and/or day. The Rotary audience shrinks exponentially if we don't find ways to engage potential Rotarians. Some prospects won't ever love a traditional sit-down club meeting, but would love an opportunity to be of service in the community around an area of passion. If we want to thrive for years to come, we must adapt and embrace change. We have an opportunity to expand by thinking creatively and beyond our one club. Can we create additional clubs at new times and locations with different value propositions?
Free-Standing: Usually requires 20-25 members to charter. It can be traditional or non-traditional. 
Satellite: Only requires eight members and can be part of a bigger club.
To watch the full presentation:
To donate to Rotary International:
Have a speaker idea? Know an incredible speaker?  Contact Speaker Committee Chair Cindy Hirschfeld at
New Year, New Budget
Many thanks to President Steve Seyffert and Treasurer Tyler Schube for their hard work on a clean, crisp and well-balanced budget. Below is the 2022-2023 budget that was approved by the board of directors. Questions? Contact Treasurer Tyler Schube at:
I stole the following photo and information from the Facebook page of our Quacktacular Duck King Bennett Bramson. Thanks to Bennett, Andrew Pollesel, Jim Shalcross, Chris Bendon, Robin Smith and Craig Melville for getting our ducky and mall tent supplies out of storage and set up. Speaking of that, have you signed up for your mall tent shifts? Forgot how? No problem, here's the online link: Don't have a computer, didn't pay your internet bill or are otherwise feeling challenged by online sign-up? No problemo, if you'll just email Bennett at, he'll get you signed up ASAP. 
M is for May and Malaria
Many more details are forthcoming, but mark your calendars for May 2023 and join Drs. Bob Porter and Dan Perlman in Africa as they put feet on the ground to see their Malaria Project efforts in action. Stay tuned ...
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