Volume IV Issue 9   March 4, 2018  Editor: Dan Johns
Aspen's Mini Serengeti
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Thursday, March 1, 2018
Speaker: Chris Lane, CEO Aspen Center for Environmental Studies,
spoke to the group this week; Chris has been at the helm of The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies for 6 years. If Aspen has three colleges, (the Institute, Aspen State Teachers College, and ACES) then ACES is the one where you can get the most dirt under your fingernails. ACES is a non profit environmental education organization with its 25 acre campus, a mini Serengeti, just steps from anywhere in town. Their focus is on youth education, partnering with 57 schools. Their goal is to provide an ecological literacy to all the valley's youth, with hands on programs and opportunities to discover Nature in our own habitat. If all of us and our kids can establish a connection with Nature we will naturally want to protect what we care about. We all want the same things. Science is not political. If you understand the science, you will most likely come to the same conclusion. Nelson Mandella said "education is the tool to change the world".  How cool is it that we live in this great valley with this free resource available anytime we want to wander in?! Thank you Chris and ACES!!
Guests: Christy Mahon from ACES; Griff Smith, Enrique Santillan and German Guaresti from Argentina; Linda Chi and Joey Woltemath from RF Leadership, Cindy Hirschfeld, and Billie Erwin.
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March 8: Ron Schiller, Founding Partner, Aspen Leadership Group (Executive Search and Strategic Consulting)
March 15: Tim Jackson, President/CEO, Colorado Automobile Dealers Association
March 22: Dr. Jason Stoneback,  Director, the Limb Restoration Program and the Orthopedic Trauma Program at the University of Colorado Hospital.
Member News
Everyone's Happy for Norm!
Happy Bucks to benefit YouthZone. Justin B was happy to ski the Bowl with his son Jacob, Norm B was happy to support YouthZone, John M was happy that Norm will be the Deputy Duck, Dwayne R was happy for the YZ, Jon K was happy he saw Jacob in the Bowl, Steve W was happy that Griff  is seeking funds from the Rotary Foundation and that Griff has found meaningful work as a skier and bon vivant since his stint as middle school disciplinarian, Greg E was happy to be back at the Rotary Club of Aspen and that he is a snowbird, not a snow bunny, Susan G was happy for Norm, Christy Mahon was happy to be here, Skip B was happy that John M has been involved with community grants for 20 years, and Mike C was happy for Norm(!!!). 
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