Volume IV, Issue 18   May 3, 2018 Editor: Shaun Hathaway
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Connect, Hope and Heal
Thursday, May 3, 2018
Speakers: Sandy Iglehart and Christie Henderson
Nearly eight years ago, Sandy Iglehart tragically lost her daughter to suicide, fueling her to start dialogue in the community.  This dialogue, which was facilitated by the Aspen Valley Hospital Medical Center, led to the opening of the Aspen Hope Center nearly eight years ago.  The Hope Center provides numerous services to the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond.  They serve as a 24 hour crisis hotline, provide an intensive stabilization program, and offer school based programs and other educational outreach. In the past eight years, the Hope Center has trained over 4,000 people in the valley, and have served over 1,000 people in crisis.  They collaborate with the Buddy Program and SkiCo, and have plans to expand their services to Eagle County.  
With the goal to connect, hope, and heal, more than four years ago the Hope Center started Weekend Talk, a suicide awareness training program.  This program helps those in crisis, highlighting the following steps: staying with that person and conversing in private, showing concern and asking direct questions, making no promises, not leaving that person alone, not judging just reassuring that there is help, bringing in others for a support system, staying with them until they are sober, getting professional help if any one has thoughts of suicide, and going with them to the clinic.  
Christie Henderson joined the Aspen Hope Center as an outreach coordinator.  Six years ago while in crisis suffering from severe depression, the Hope Center helped guide her out of this emotional breakdown.  Their approach, which is not medicinal, taught her how to live her life again.  She explained how her story is an ongoing process of working through mental health, and believes that if she doesn't share her story to help others, she becomes part of the problem.  The messages of both Sandy and Christie eloquently summarized the mission of the Aspen Hope Center: Extending a beacon of hope to those in emotional crisis and working to decrease the stigma of mental illness.  Our community is very fortunate to have such a caring professional organization. 
For a full list of upcoming Aspen Hope Center events, visit:
Thomas Miller (Todd Shaver)
Kay Barrow (Justin Barrow’s MOM)
Eric Cross (Christina King)
James Elliott (Jon Kelly)
The Run for the Roses
President Scott Russell reminded members that its Kentucky Derby Weekend, and offered KD trivia...
  • Kentucky Derby started in 1875
  • The course is 1.25 miles
  • In 1875 the course was 1.5 miles, changed to 1.25 miles in 1895
  • Its been tabbed as the "most exciting 2 minutes in sports"
  • Its called the Run for the Roses because of the 550 roses that make up the winning garland
  • Participation is limited to horses 3 years of age
  • Only 3 fillies (female horses) has won the Kentucky Derby
  • The KD drink of choice is a mint julep
  • Over 10,000 bottled of Old Forester Bourbon and 1000 pounds of crushed mint are used at the KD for signature mint julep drinks
Ducky Derby sponsorship goal is getting closer to the desired $45,000 mark.  Thanks to Romero Property Group, Mountain Temp Services, Alpine Bank, Alpine Ace Hardware, Clark's Market, Aspen Valley Hospital, and Haselden Construction
Upcoming Speakers
May 10: Emily Supino, Aspen Strong 
May 17:   Lindsay May, Mind Springs Health
May 24: Jess Ewert, Lead With Love
May 31: Heather Russell, Bike to Health
June 7: Clyde Church: The Rotary Foundation, District 5470 Chairman
Member News
Happy Bucks 
Happy Bucks Benefit Project Graduation: 
Project Graduation is a drug-free and alcohol-free all night "lock-in" celebration at the Aspen Rec Center. It is a fun, safe way for all seniors to get together and have a good time on the night of graduation.  Not only will it keep them off the streets and possibly prevent a tragedy, but it will also send a powerful message that the Aspen community cares about them.  The organizers attempt to make this event memorable by organizing a variety of exciting activities, entertainment, food and prizes.
  • Jon Kelly:  $10 for Project Graduation because from the insurance point of view, no one wants to see the accidents that happen after a graduation party.
  • Scott Russell:  Thank you to all in the Ducky Derby committee and committee chairs; also looking forward to the Past President’s dinner, it is always a great gathering.
  • Robin Smith:  Much appreciation for all who helped make the speech competition a success:  to Justin for the certificates, to Craig for Mountain Chalet
  • Skip Behrhorst:  27 years ago it was the “Kenducky Derby – they would meet at the Greeters Table at the Weinerstube and plan it as they go.  It is gratifying to know that it has turned into the successful event which it is today.
  • Susan Gomes:  Very happy that a lot is getting accomplished with Ducky Derby…and is very happy she will be leaving on vacation and heading for the beach!
  • Jeanette Darnauer:  Happy to have hiked amongst 2,000 year old redwood forest in Mendocino – and also to live life through the eyes of a 4-year-old (her granddaughter)
  • Steve Wickes:  Happy that Nathalie, as a new member, jumped in as the newsletter editor.  Translation for the headline in French:  “When life is not a bed of roses”
  • Chris Bendon:  Was in Rochester, NY, which has different planning challengers of their own.  Also attended a Rotary lunch and met a kid that had a supporting role as a competitor in the Karate tournament competitor (who lost) in the Karate Kid (1984 version).
  • Norm Bacheldor:  Attended an Amish wedding – was a beautiful ceremony but also included a 3-hr sermon in German.
  • Christina King:  Happy that it is Mental Wellness month and is excited for today’s presentation and other to attend this month.
  • Justin Barrow:  happy for Project Graduation and traveling with his son Jacob for his first sporting event weekend.
  • John Keleher:  Buying votes with happy bucks – vote for the three incumbents for the Sanitation Board!
  • Callie Dupps:  happy that the hummingbirds have arrived.
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