Volume IV, Issue 22   May 31, 2018 Editor: Shaun Hathaway
  • Cycling and Healing: Coming Home to Your Body
  • Announcements and Other News
  • Happy Bucks
Cycling & Healing: Coming Home to Your Body 
Thursday, May 31, 2018
Speaker: Heather Russell
Heather Russell is the Executive Director of Sacred Cycle, a local nonprofit that started in 2013 when she was in graduate school.  The mission of the Sacred Cycle is empowering survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault through therapy and mountain biding, creating a sacred cycle of recovery, personal development, and community impact.
Heather is survivor of incest, childhood sexual abuse and neglect, and developed an eating disorder that started in grade school.   She suffered in silence for a long time, was isolated, distrustful, and void of adult allies.  In college Heather started mountain biking, which had a big impact towards her healing.  The distance on the bike provided time to reflect, and she become more aware of the present moment.  With this therapy Heather was able to come home to her body, which is what she is now teaching her clients. 
Creating a community of survivors, Sacred Cycle offers access to bikes, gear, coaches and free evidence based trauma treatment.  They have a racing team of 20 people who raise awareness and advocate their mission.  Sacred Cycle also partners with other organizations to provide clinics and events.  Heather concluded her presentation by offering some practical advice: when providing support to a survivor of sexual abuse and assault, it’s extremely important to believe them and thank them, don’t ask specific questions, and continuously check in with them.   Healing starts with integrating past trauma with present day life.  For more information on the Sacred Cycle, please visit
Jack Kelly, Visiting Rotarian from Los Altos, California
North Korean Fun Facts and Much More
President Scott Russell began Rotary announcements by firing off a plethora of fun facts about North Korea that included:
  • Marijuana is not considered illegal in North Korea, you can purchase and consume.
  • North Korea's Gregorian calendar begins on the birth year of the first Supreme Leader, Kim Il Sun, who was born in 1912.
  • North Korea holds an election every 5 years with only one option on the ballet.
  • There are no working traffic lights, police control busy intersections
  • North Korea boasts the largest stadium in the world at 150,000 seats
  • There are 3 television channels, 2 broadcast only on the weekends, 1 on the evenings.
  • With 24.45 millón people, 50% live in poverty
Other Announcements:
  • The Hope Center has two events in Basalt tonight (May 31)
  • June 1 is the annual Trash Crush to pick up trash on Independence Pass
  • The Change Over dinner is June 21 at the Limelight, starting at 5:30 with cocktail hour followed by dinner.  The festivities should conclude by 8 or 8:30
  • Ducky Derby is up to $73,000 in sponsorships
  • New Red Badge member Michael O'Sullivan was introduced- he graduated from AHS in 1978, attending Fort Lewis College, worked as a stockbroker, married, and moved back to Aspen with 2 kids.  He now owns and operates a painting business.  
  • Warren Klug received his badge
  • Youth Exchange program is on track, and looking for host families for a student this fall.
Other News:
Heidi Hoffman has been training a few Rotarians to compete in Ironman Boulder on Sunday June 10th.  It is a long day starting about 6:45 a.m. with the swim. By logging onto, you can follow her progress by typing in her name or her bib # 918). She has 17 hours to finish the race.
Upcoming Speakers
June 7: Clyde Church: The Rotary Foundation, District 5470 Chairman
June 14: George Bohmfalk, MD, Medicare For All?
June 21: NO MEETING! Changeover dinner instead. Inspiring, fun, funny! A can't miss evening.  
Member News
Happy Bucks!
Happy Bucks benefit Project Graduation, which is set for Saturday night June 2 at the Aspen Recreation Center and Lewis Ice Arena.
  • Norm Bacheldor is happy that the sale of the Hotel Colorado is final
  • Kurt Adams is happy that $14,000 was given between Polio Plus and the Paul Harris Foundation
  • Warren Klug is happy that he and Kathy are retiring this month.
  • Scott Russell is happy for the Klugs, this is a big weekend for them!
  • John Maloy is happy that graduation is this Saturday (June 2) at 1:00, a community event that will celebrate 130 seniors who collectively achieved a GPA of 3.4, logged more than 8,000 community hours, and had 80% of their sports teams qualify for the post season. 
  • Sam Johnston is happy for the opportunity to take an impromptu trip to Hilo to see the volcanic activity - it was both spectacular but a sad disaster for residents.
  • Christina King is happy that members have gained a new insight and understanding for mental health issues this month and are able to incorporate the new knowledge into their life.
  • Steve Wickes is happy and thankful for Shaun's effort writing the newsletter this month and to Nathalie for filling in when Shaun had to leave town in order to be a keynote speaker at an important hockey event.
  • Jon Kelly is happy to have enjoyed mountain biking the White Rim trail
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