Volume IV, Issue 4   January 25, 2018  Editor: Steve Wickes
Most Energetic Rotary Club
Thursday, January 25, 2018
Speaker: Christina Medved, Watershed Education Director, Roaring Fork Conservancy. After describing our club as "one of the most energetic Rotary Clubs I've seen," Christina went on to deliver one of the most energetic programs we've enjoyed in some time - complete with pop quizzes and prizes.
Since 1996, Roaring Fork Conservancy has inspired people to explore, value, and protect the Roaring Fork Watershed. They have two main areas of focus, 1) Watershed Education and 2) Watershed Action Projects. Last year, they delivered 285 programs and involved 6400 individuals!
Christina invited Rotarians to attend upcoming Roaring Fork Conservancy events, including the ever-popular Twin Lakes Tunnel and Diversion tour on July 27. Full list of events here.
Guests: Our Exchange Student,  Nikoline Byrial, with her host fatherDoug Peckham, Celia and Rally Dupps  (Mike Kosdrosky), Nathalie Crick (Susan Gomes)
Common Sense With Big Words
Sergeant-At Arms Jon Kelly opened the meeting with a quote from James Madison: "Philosophy is common sense with big words."
President Scott Russell was the perfect warm-up act for our speaker, attempting - unsuccessfully - to stump Aspen Rotarians with Colorado River trivia questions.
Maurice Emmer, still claiming to be the former Youth Exchange Chairman, encouraged all Rotarians to invite our 2017-18 exchange student to dinner, an Aspen event, a hike, etc. You can contact Nikoline (Niko) Byrial by emailing her: nikolinebyrial[at]
Warren Klug invited all Rotarians to a send-off party for our local Olympic athletes. Come support our six! local Olympians Wednesday, January 31, 4:00 PM at the Gondola Plaza.
Membership Chair Deborah Breen reminded her committee members of the next Membership Committee meeting: Monday, February 5, 4:00 PM, Limelight lobby restaurant.
Upcoming Speakers
Free Tax Advice
February 1: Mark Kavasch and Ryan Marshall, "Everything you wanted to know about your 2018 Income Tax Bill - But Were Afraid to Ask"
Member News
The Game With No Name
"Go Eagles" Christina King said in support of her hometown football team. It's possible she was  referencing an important football game next Sunday that the NFL wants us all to watch, but will sue us if we call it by its actual name in print.
Mike Kosdrosky is happy about something to do with Cleveland, Ruth Kruger is just "happy." Rick Newton is looking forward to spending the next three months in Palm Springs!
Steve Wickes expressed gratitude to Shaun Hathaway for serving as the Newsletter Editor for January. Unfortunately Shaun was absent from today's meeting because of the death of his close friend, Jim Johannson,  the General Manager of the 2018 US Men's Olympic Hockey Team.
Second Friday of (Most) Months
All members are invited to the monthly Board meeting. New members are encouraged to attend. This is where you learn about our club's many behind-the-scenes activities.
February 9, 7:30 AM, Mt. Chalet, Pool Level.
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