Volume IV, Issue 19   May 10, 2018 
Editor: Shaun Hathaway
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  • Understanding and Practicing Mental Hygience
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Understanding and Practicing Mental Hygiene 
Thursday, May 10, 2018
Speaker: Emily Supino
A dose of important perspective was delivered to Rotarians by Emily Supino, the Operational Director of Aspen Strong.  We typically know so much about our physical heath,  and regularly practice physical hygiene-- we commit to visiting the doctor for checkups, getting our teeth cleaned by the dentist, working out, dieting, and more.  However, the same effort is typically not spent on mental health, and in fact many of us know very little about this topic.  Enter Aspen Strong who promotes mental health and mental hygiene.  Ignoring or not understanding the importance of mental health can lead to devastating consequences.  Poor mental hygiene can lead to depression, anxiety, panic, psychosis, eating disorders and suicide.  
In our small community, promoting mental hygiene is very important.  From 2004 to 2016, there have been 38 suicides.  Roughly 450 people suffer from mental health issues, 46% had a depressed mood, and 22% suffer from substance abuse.  Statistics reflect that one in four adults will develop more mental health or behavioral issues during their lifetime. 
Developing a language to better understand mental health, and providing a means to educate people to speak up and get help is the easiest prevention strategy to reach the broader community.  Aspen Strong is working hard to promote mental hygiene and build the language.  On their website, they provide an anonymous and confidential mental hygiene screening tool.  Along with their check up from the neck up program, they also offer a comprehensive directory of professional mental heath providers, and a community calendar that lists events, support groups, and training classes.  With their help, we can achieve proficiency in mental health awareness and begin to consistently practice mental hygiene.  For more, please visit:
Thomas Miller (Todd Shaver)
It's National Clean Your Room Day 
Former President Craig Melville stood in for acting President Scott Russell and reported the following...
  • Board Meeting is Friday, May 10; the focus is on Strategic Planning and the Ducky Derby
  • Ducky Derby Update: Sponsorship is up to $51,000—
  • PR and Marketing meeting after meeting today—talking about future of newsletter and website (which is a month away from completion)
Member Nominees:
Henning Rahm
Celia and Rally Dupps
Upcoming Speakers

May 17:   Lindsay May, Mind Springs Health
May 24: Jess Ewert, Lead With Love
May 31: Heather Russell, Bike to Health
June 7: Clyde Church: The Rotary Foundation, District 5470 Chairman
Member News
Happy Bucks 
Happy Bucks Benefit Project Graduation: 
Project Graduation is a drug-free and alcohol-free all night "lock-in" celebration at the Aspen Rec Center. It is a fun, safe way for all seniors to get together and have a good time on the night of graduation.  Not only will it keep them off the streets and possibly prevent a tragedy, but it will also send a powerful message that the Aspen community cares about them.  The organizers attempt to make this event memorable by organizing a variety of exciting activities, entertainment, food and prizes.
  • Norm Bacheldor & Craig Melville (Mountain Chalet Enterprises) have purchased the historic Hotel Colorado.  This exciting sale should close at the end of the month.
  • Dave Ressler:  Happy that it is National Hospital Week and National Nurses Week
  • Dwayne Romero:  Eight seniors on the Aspen baseball team, just won 8 to 4, is a great team.
  • John Keleher:  $3 for the three incumbents who were re-elected to the Sanitation Board
  • Deborah Breen:  Her daughter Chloe will be singing the national anthem at graduation
  • Ruth Kruger:  Happy for Deborah Breen – she is doing a bang-up job on the membership committee!
  • Kathy Klug:  Happy for Project Graduation, which is 30 years old this year.  It is a great insurance policy for safety.
  • Steve Wickes:  Remembering the senior student who died many years ago, which is how the Project Graduation event started.  Also, he attended the Pueblo District meeting and was glad that Scott Russell was there.  They said that the Aspen Rotary has the best website in the district.
  • Rick Newton:  Happy to be back in town; was in Indian Wells, California for three months playing golf and visiting with Bill Sharp. 
  • Nathalie Crick:  Happy for her daughter’s upcoming wedding and being able to help with the wedding gown.
  • Craig Melville:  Happy that Stoney David was re-elected to the fire board.
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