Volume IV, Issue 21   May 24, 2018 
Editor: Nathalie Crick
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  • Collaborating towards a Healthy Ecosystem in our valley
  • New Members, Sponsorships, Committees and other Member notheworthy News!
Creating a Wellbeing Ecosystem Through Collaboration
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Thursday, May 24, 2018
Speaker: Jess Ewart currently serves as executive director of Lead With Love (formerly Aspen City of Wellbeing).  She is also a co-founder and board member of Aspen Entrepreneurs as well as co-founder and Vice President of Real Women Aspen. 
Jess is committed to building a healthy ecosystem by collaboration.
How do we measure wellbeing? According to Gallup, the wellbeing index is built using these 5 components:
  • Purpose - How much do you like what you do?
  • Social - What are your supportive relationships?
  • Financial 
  • Community
  • Physical
Jess was a speaker at the four-day Lead With Love summit last October. Lead With Love (LWL) is a transformational and immersive leadership summit focusing on the mind, body, spirit and heart. 
Improving our community's wellbeing started with Road and Bridge County employees. Do not be surprised if you encounter municipal workers engaged in a yoga practise! We are in a mental health crisis, with a record breaking suicide rate, a life expectancy dropping for the first time and a county second in alcohol consumption. Modeled after RAFTA  and the Aspen Community Foundation (one service benefiting the whole valley), Project Wellbeing collaborates with government, business leaders and other non-profits like Aspen Strong, in teaching one worker at a time coping mechanisms to increase wellbeing in our valley. All our community leaders are addressing this issue together. While our community is vulnerable to the next economical cycle, we are not fully recovered from the last recession. The ski industry and tourism in general are very exposed by climate change. We need to attract and retain young families in our community. Our private sector is creating platforms to embrace all demographic groups, improving training, healthcare, profit sharing and career prospect. With government in a supporting role, we need to go to the business community and engage all the leaders together so we can be and remain a "city of wellbeing."
Guests: Zoe Ewart (daughter of Jess Ewart) and Patrick Rawley
New Members
Deborah Breen presented Celia and Rally Dupps with their brand new red badges and pins. Celia, Interior Designer at Studio B, joined the PR committee while Rally, architect, joined the Membership Committee. Welcome Celia and Rally!
Sponsorships: are up to $72,500. Shoutouts to Patrick Rawley and Stan Clauson for their continuous creativity and to our sponsors including Gould Construction, Haselden Construction, the Romero Group, Clark's Market, Mountain Chalet and many more!
Other News
Shaun Hathaway was presenting to the USA Hockey National Hockey Director’s Certification class specifically about Aspen Junior Hockey—their  programming success and their partnership with the Finnish Ice Hockey Association.
Upcoming Speakers
Change-Over Dinner June 21
May 31: Heather Russell, Bike to Health
June 7: Clyde Church: The Rotary Foundation, District 5470 Chairman
June 14: George Bohmfalk, MD, Medicare For All?
June 21: NO MEETING! Changeover dinner instead. Inspiring, fun, funny! A can't miss evening.  
Member News
Happy Bucks (Project Graduation):
Roger Nicholson:  His two grandsons in Southern California won the city championships – both picked the last outs
Kathy Klug:  Happy for Project Graduation as well as for Scholarships.  Graduation is June 2nd in the Benedict tent. This year’s class was truly exceptional, volunteering 4,000 service hours!
Steve Seyffert read the thank-you note from Will Orban (spelling?) for the scholarship he received from Rotary.
Craig Melville:  Hiked to the top of the mountain and although still a bit muddy, it is nice.
Dwayne Romero:  Happy for Project Graduation and 2018 was a record for total competitive wins.
Rick Newton had the winning raffle but no qeen of hearts: raffle pot is now up to $309
LOST BUT FOUND:  A red windbreaker was left behind at the 5/17 meeting.  Contact Lorraine at (970) 236-1700 or  She will bring it to the next meeting.
Committee News
PR Committee
The Committee met on May 24th to discuss some upcoming changes to the website.
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