Volume IV, Issue13  March 29, 2018 Editor: Todd Brewer
Why Girls Make Better Decisions in the Backcountry
Thursday, March 29, 2018
Speaker:  Greg Shaffran – Mountain Rescue Aspen. Greg is an AIARE Course Leader & Instructor, EMT, Ski Guide. Greg gave us a 101 take home lesson on safety in the mountains and backcountry decision making. Using the acronym ALP TRUTH to aid in making good decisions:
Avalanche-Loading-Path-Terrain trap-Rating-Unstable-Thaw
90% of avalanches in the backcountry are human triggered. When assessing risk, each of these factors is assigned a point to determine the overall risk your trip plan. It is interesting that the majority of accidents occur when 3-4 factors exist and the number of accidents that occur when 0 factors exist is greater than when all 7 exist. To reinforce this point, ask Mike Taets about the “Luck” v. “Experience” buckets.
Greg talked about the research conducted by Ian McCammon of the University of Montana who analyzed “heuristics traps” in the decision making of over 700 avalanche survivors. Greg used his personal experience of triggering an avalanche in the backcountry to illustrate McCammon’s acronym FACETS and the “traps” that he personally fell into in that situation.
Familiarity – Acceptance* – Consistency – Expert Halo – First Tracks - Social Facilitation
*not surprising to most – women tend to make the best decisions in the backcountry – they less apt to try and impress anybody.
Guests are free for April and May
Guests: Stone Davis (Stoney Davis), Megan Bentzin (Peter Waanders)
3rd Annual Speech Contest
Wednesday, April 18 at Mountain Chalet.  Robin Smith would like Rotary members to reach out to their friends, family and other organizations who have connections to high school students and promote or encourage their participation.  This contest is open to any valley student, from Aspen to Rifle, and this has been very successful  event as well as a valuable experience for the students.  
Attached is a copy of a recent press release with detailed information.  The deadline to sign up is April 11.  Please contact Robin at if you have any questions!
Upcoming Speakers
Our breakfast meeting will be held Thursday, April 5 at THE SUNDECK, not at Mountain Chalet.  Please meet at the base of the gondola by 7:30 am for uploading - and loading will end at 7:40.  Breakfast will be served starting at 7:45 am; meeting starts at about 8:15 am and will be finished by 9 am.
Bring your skis if you would like to ski afterwards.  If you do not have a ski pass, Scott will be there to provide access to the gondola.  We will have a representative from Skico to give a presentation at breakfast.  
Member News
Happy Bucks: Warren Klug:  Daughter was married on Saturday, was a great event. Susan Gomes:  Happy that the Hot Dog Contest at Highlands on Friday will honor Pepper, who was their best speaker although they never knew what he would say. John Sarpa:  Celebrated 37 years of marriage with his wife Jan as of yesterday. Craton Burkholder:  Happy that Derk Torinus and his wife just had a baby girl. Derk Torinus:  Also happy (but tired) about the birth of their new baby girl, arrived two weeks early but healthy. Dave Ressler:  It is Doctors Day on Friday, so please recognize your doctor for their service. Scott Russell:  Happy for Spring Break and the Speech Contest.
Todd Brewer:  Great weekend with friends in Park City…and sorry the newsletter got out a bit late because of it!
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