Volume IV Issue 7   February 19, 2018  Editor: Dan Johns
Mermaid in the Mountains
Thursday, February 15, 2018
Speaker: Celia Dupps, grew up in London and was influenced by the art scene there. She was influenced  by art in the landscape such as Earthmounds, by Herbert Bayer, and Stoneriver by Andy Goldsworthy, both at the Aspen Meadows. She asks the question: why eco art? We are visual creatures and science can only go so far. Each of us will have our own reaction to a work of art. Her passion for the sea and Bali led her to found The Marine Foundation, a group that is trying to restore the coral reef habitat with underwater sculptures that are like an artificial reef, providing habitat for fish in places where the reefs are being destroyed. These installations create a positive press and bring much needed ecotourism dollars to places that have often relied on only fishing and mining industries. She is also working on a project called Ocean Literacy, which educates kids in the complex world of ocean ecology. "Something special happens when we work together with our hands in a group."
Guests: John Engels (former Aspen Rotarian), Celia and Rally Dupps (Mike Kosdrosky)
Shining Stars - March 4
Susan Gomes announced the Shining Stars March 4 dinner at the Inn at Aspen, feeding up to 200 people, starting at 5:30; she still needs people to sign up to bring salads and desserts.
Maurice Emmer announced the Youth Exchange Committee will meet in Montrose next weekend for outbound student training.
Upcoming Speakers
February 22: Speaker TBA
March 1: Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES)
Member News
Happy Bucks

Heidi H. is happy to be back from her Rotary trip with the Guatemala Literacy Project, Maurice E. is happy the robo calls are sending the cops after him, John E. is happy to be back to Aspen Rotary and to be living in Denver, Mike T. is happy for the Rotary Foundation, Kurt A is also proud of the Rotary Foundation, Jim D. is happy that he won't miss any of Maurice's letters (since he is not in jail), Todd B. is happy for the new snow, Kathy K. is happy to have a snow day at school, John K. is happy that Rita Hunter is not really stuck in Turkey, Craig M. is happy for the snow and the homeless shelter, Steve S. is happy to see Doug P. running so much, Christina K. is happy to see Celia be our speaker.
Committee News
10 Members Advance to Next Level
As a club, we have two goals for The Rotary Foundation this year: 100% participation and 20 members contribute enough to graduate to the next level of "Paul Harris Fellows." Kurt Adam announced the following 10 Rotarians who recently contributed enough to move to the next level of recognition:
Scott Russell - Paul Harris Fellow+1,
Rick Newton, Peter Johnson, Chris Bendon and Todd Brewer: +2,
Steve Wickes: +3
Jim DeFrancia: +4
Craig Melville: +5
John Miller: +6
Brig Young: +7
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